Why travel?

We are often asked why we travel. Why travel? There are many answers to this question not just a passing conversation to express them all.


We traveled to feel alive. To feel free. To encourage our creativity. To have time for ourselves. We traveled to get to know and think about what we really want. For other realities and look at us less navel. We travel because we can not stand. Because life is too short to live it whole in one place and under the same routine. And because traveling allows us to work for what we want and when we want.

We live traveling because we had always dreamed of traveling and we think that dreams are to meet them.


We travel to get away from the railway structures that trap us in its jaws, like a constrictor snake that huge snake that surrounds you between his scaly skin and is pressing. Slowly but surely. Its action is so subtle that hardly reach to feel the effects. Until one day, perhaps, you begin to feel depressed. Asphyxiated. Trapped in an unsatisfying routine built on a labor contract that you signed to sell your time, most of the daily time to stay awake, and therefore active, in exchange for a salary at the end of the month. If the contract is indefinite, the better. So you keep longer this illusion called stability, while the great reptile still squeezing and squeezing. Wringing, brandishing every hour of your life, that is lost in the intricacies of a programmed system to keep scheduled.

When you realize, you see him sharp teeth to the great serpent. It may already be too late.

The Galician-Catalan humorist Pepe Rubianes satirized the labor system in his last show I could see live in Andorra, before he died, at 61 years old. It was shortly before encouraging me to leave everything I had out there to go travel the world. “Work dignifies” sentenced after dramatize the pleasure that millions of people get up early to wring a bus and spend the whole day in front of a computer or lifting boxes or checking an assembly. a lifetime devoted to work. “And from 65, to enjoy,” he satirized the great Rubianes, which at that time had already been established in Africa, enjoying a early semi-retirement ended ahead of schedule. Paradoxes of life. If it becomes of waiting until retirement, you run out to enjoy it.


We travel to meet new horizons, to try to familiarize ourselves with a world that we fail to understand or that we refuse to conceive as we have explained. To break the topics that have gotten us into the head taking advantage of the distance, which always facilitates distortion, bias or manipulation of reality, practices, moreover, it is not exactly unique to distant locations.

The journey is a constant review of the prejudices we have about a world portrayed daily in the media as violent, dangerous and unstable, as a result of wars, crime and corruption. And while it is true that reality is not exempt from any of the three, it happens that the media have the tendency to emphasize more bad news than good news. The journey teaches us that the reality is quite different. That everyday you find almost always more good than bad people and more pleasant than unpleasant situations.


Finally, life is a journey with a succession of crossroads that help you grow. And we chose to go traveling.

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4 responses to “Why travel?”

  1. Miquel Serra

    Gràcies Marià!
    La meva xicota i jo ara pirem aquesta setmaa 7 mesos a viatjar per sudàsia i sudamèrica, paraules insiradores que compartim 100%!

  2. Josep Rof Rof

    Buen reflexión, la VIDA! En si es un VIAJE! pero sin retorno…
    Besos, abrazos mil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Josep

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