From Pato canyon to mechanic shop in Huaraz

We started an incredible route through the Cordillera Blanca del Peru, which takes us from the vertiginous cañón del Pato to taller Bosch Service in Huaraz, where we arrived stretched by another vehicle after suffering a heat. A journey in which we meet again with the boys of la Casita Azul, that they travel by South America in a Volkswagen T1. With them we know the lagoon Querococha and visit the mythical ruins of Chavín de Huántar.

The Cordillera Blanca and our passage through Huaraz remained pending on this trip to South America. Finally, in our third step in Peru, we decided to visit this area to share the journey with our Colombian friends of Casita Azul: Juan Diego and Maria Camila. And his little kitten Mamu, recently incorporated into his adventure.

From Chimbote, on the Peruvian coast, we begin to ascend the Cordillera by the Pato Canyon, a road that reminds us of the Death Road of Bolivia. As we passed narrow sections and crossed the dark tunnels at the edge of the precipice that gives the Santa River, we thought how this road should be before it was paved.

At the end of the Pato Canyon, in Caraz, we meet the boys and follow the route that takes us to Huaraz. Once there, we decided to follow some kilometers to spend the night in front of the Santa River. We found an ideal place to be inspired by musical creation.

First we relax in a meditation with live music, with Juan Diego on guitar and Maria Camila directing the session. And then we improvised some music by incorporating the keyboard. In the video you can listen to the theme, already edited, that at some point we will incorporate in the soundtrack of Furgo en route: ‘Flowing by the White Mountain range’.

The next day, after breakfast with the sounds of the river and nature in the background, we continue to the Querococha Lagoon.

And we arrived at the village of Chavín de Huántar, a quiet town that houses one of the most famous pre-Inca ruins in Peru. We visited the museum, highly recommended, and the archaeological monument of Chavin, which between 1500 and 500 BC was an important center of pilgrimage. People from the jungle, the coast and the mountain range met in this religious center in which the Lanzón, a 4.5-meter monolith that represents the main deity of the Chavin, stands out.

We strolled through the different squares and through the underground galleries created by a civilization very advanced in architecture and engravings. We also see the only head that remains in the center (the rest can be seen in the museum). Originally, dozens of these heads with anthropomorphic and animal forms adorned the center representing the conversion of the shaman from man to cat in its mystical transit stimulated by psychoactive substances like San Pedro.

When we undertook our return to Huaraz, mechanical problems began. First we had a heater and the coolant began to leak out. Then we burned one of the two electric fans. As we had to climb up to 4,500 meters in height, the van was overheated every moment. We stopped for a while, we followed the route, and in less than 1 kilometer the temperature needle returned to exceed 100 degrees.

And when we were almost desperate, the lord of the wires put before us a Suzuki Vitara standing on the road. We did another 300 meters and the owner of the car came out of some bushes.

“What’s wrong with the car?” He asks.

“We burned an electric fan and can not continue,” I reply with a certain resignation.

“If they want, I can pull them.”

Well, when things are at their worst, someone always comes out to save you. This is the route. The next 12 kilometers of climb we did the same way we had seen so many times in South America but never practiced: dragged by a leash. Once above the port, our savior, Mr. Marcial still accompanied us until we met again the boys of the Blue Casita in the lagoon Querococha.

Once in Huaraz we tried to fix the electric fans. We passed two workshops without much luck. In the first we were offered a new fan of the brand Audi for 1500 soles !!! That is, about $ 500. After rejecting this possibility, we went to another workshop to make an arrangement. And when we were going to the workshop … the van lost all vital signs and we were lying about 300 meters from our destination.

Well, we even got to a small electromechanical workshop, which helped us but did not solve the problem. I walked a few meters to a diesel specialist, where we stayed all night checking the mechanical pump. Finally, seeing that we also did not find a solution, we decided go to a mechanical Huaraz Bosch Service. For the second time in three days, we were dragged with another vehicle, although this time it was only about 200 meters.

To our relief, we finally found the right mechanical shop. The last time the Saioneta did not start, in Colombia, we spent 2 months wandering between workshops. So this time we were full of having finally found a serious workshop that could help us. After doing the diagnostic tests, they concluded that the belt of the injection pump had been desynchronized. You do not know the relief we had when the van started to pull again !!!

Seeing that the service was excellent, we took advantage of to fix other minor mechanical problems that we dragged in a palier and the system of 4×4. And they also had to re-fix the electric fans after confirming that the work done in the other workshop was not correct. So, well, after five days of workshops, now we can return to the route, direction Cajamarca, Leimebamba and Chachapoyas. Hopefully this time the van will behave for many thousands of miles !!!

Specials tkanks to Bosch Service Factoría Huaraz Motors for their help.

Factoría Huaraz Motors - Bosch Service

Una producción de MMVIATGES, productora audiovisual y multimedia

Furgo en ruta team

4 responses to “From Pato canyon to mechanic shop in Huaraz”

  1. José YANES

    Hola amigos. Cuando veo vuestras incidencias mecánicas se me ponen los pelos de punta. Cruzo los dedos.
    ¡Bravo por vuestra maña resolutiva!
    Buen viaje.
    Pepe y Ale

  2. Clodoaldo Alves dos Anjos

    Vocês são naturais da Espanha, pois vi su forgoneta com placa da Espanha.Convido vocês pra conhecer São Paulo,onde vivemos .Serão bem vindos .Um abraço ao casal.
    Como se gana la camiseta do 5° aniversário de Furgo en ruta ?

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