Peñas Blancas border: From Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

On June 24, 2019 we crossed the border of Peñas Blancas, from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

It is an entertaining border, and just as they are renovating the facilities of Nicaragua, it became like a kind of gymkhana. Nothing that can not be solved with patience and a sense of humor.

Here we have made a map with the indications that we have followed to cross the border of Peñas Blancas.

  1. Just before leaving Costa Rica, on the left is the first place we must go: Customs of Costa Rica, where we must leave the temporary tourist permit of our vehicle, along with a photocopy of the same temporary permit. There is a place for photocopies next to the booth.
  2. Once we have closed the time of the vehicle in Costa Rica, we must go to point 2, where there is a booth to pay the departure rate of Costa Rica. You can pay in dollars or Colones. It cost us 8 dollars.
  3. With the exit fee paid, we can get closer to point 3, which is the immigration booth of Costa Rica, where we will seal the exit in the passport.
  4. Now, we are already out of Costa Rica. The gymkhana begins to enter Nicaragua. When we approach the new customs precinct, an officer asks us to check the passports, and a lady comes to check that we have the yellow fever vaccine. We show you the vaccination card and continue to the customs area.
  5. The first step within the customs area is to find the police officer in charge of checking the vehicle and issue a document certifying that the inspection has been carried out. He asked us if we had drone and weapons, and after chatting a bit, he signed the document. He did not check the truck.
  6. With that document from the police, we went to take out the insurance for the van, which is one month old and can be renewed. The house is next to migrations. It cost us 12 dollars.
  7. With these two steps made for the truck, now it’s our turn. We enter the new immigration office, which is a huge place, and just enter, a lady makes us pay a municipal rate of 1 dollar
  8. Once the fee is paid, we approach the booths where the immigration officers are. A couple of weeks before leaving Nicaragua, we asked through the web of migrations from Nicaragua to enter the country. You have to fill out the form and send it to the two email addresses indicated. The immigration officer seals us the entrance to Nicaragua with 90 days, and we pay the tourist rate of Nicaragua, of 10 dollars, and 2 extra dollars of a tax of Governance.   
  9. With the entry to Nicaragua and solved, we will finish the entry of the vehicle. First we go to the cashier who charges the spraying / spraying rate of the vehicle, which costs 4 dollars. And finally another customs officer charges us the rolling fee, which varies according to the size of the car. In our case it charges us 5 dollar.
  10. And finally, after a couple of hours hanging around and doing paperwork, they send us the final document with which we can freely travel through Nicaragua. 

The total cost of crossing the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua by Peñas Blancas, has been 21 dollars per person and 21 dollars for the entrance of the van. In total 63 dollars, for 1 vehicle and two people.

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