Irazú Volcano, the highest in Costa Rica

Cap.116 – Irazú Volcano, the highest in Costa Rica

We woke up at the house of Older and Maritza, a couple from San José, who invited us to spend a few days at their house. Taking advantage of the fact that during the week there are fewer people in the volcanoes, they propose: What do you think of going to the irazu volcano tomorrow, Friday?

Shure! Of course! We would love! It came out like this, without more and without thinking. It can not be that we have been between Costa Rica and Panama for more than a year and we have not visited any volcano.

So Marià prepared a delicious meal based on quinoa salad, with the remains of the dinner of the previous day and adding some extra ingredients, and there we go, all four, towards the Irazú volcano, one of the most visited in Costa Rica.

Entrance to the Irazú Volcano

The entrance to the irazú volcano has a cost of 1000 colones for nationals and residents and 15 dollars for foreigners. For more information, visit the official website of P.N. Irazú, here.

Once you pay for the entrance, you will go to the parking area, where you will also find other services, such as bathrooms, eating area and a small shop with food and souvenirs.

Estacionamiento P.N. Volcán Irazú

Older y Marià

In a short walk of 5 minutes, we are already in the viewpoint of the main crater. Fog and clouds pass and run at an impressive speed, covering and uncovering the crater completely. It looks like an image of another planet. It’s magic.

Entrada al P.N. Volcán Irazú

At 300 meters deep we see a beautiful blue-green lagoon, which occupies more than 1 kilometer in diameter. A unique show.

Cráter principal del Volcán Irazú

The rain makes us move faster, and we take advantage to reach one of the available barbecue areas. They are roofed huts, with a table and wooden benches and with a grill on one side. Ideal place to eat and enjoy this cool climate and surrounded by birds and nature.

Disfrutando de una rica comida en el Volcán Irazú

Colibrí descansando en el P.N. Irazú

Thanks for this beautiful day. We love being able to know the natural wonders of a country by the hand of its inhabitants. Thanks Older and Mari. You are already part of this beautiful family that travels with us in the Saoneta. Thank you.

If you want to download the official brochure of the Irazú Volcano National Park, you can click on the image:

Folleto oficial

Folleto oficial 2

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