La Rinconada, the dream of a visionary

The last week we were in a very special place in Santa Cruz. In addition to having a great natural and visual appeal, behind the restaurant and ecopark La Rinconada we find the dream of a visionary. We explain the dream of Tonchi, who one day had the vision to recreate a lake with Amazonian victories a few kilometers from the center of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Observando las victorias amazónicas de La Rinconada

The story we tell you today shows once again that there are no impossible and that dreams are to fulfill them. It is the story of Tonchi Ribero. It all started in 84, when the protagonist of our story visited Santa Ana de Yacuma, in the Bolivian Beni. Tonchi saw there for the first time the Amazonian victory, the largest of the world’s water lilies or water lilies. And he fell in love with her. Since then, it was promised to create an auspicious environment in Santa Cruz to live surrounded by these unique leaves.

Fifteen years later, he bought a lot a few kilometers from the center of Santa Cruz. And he began the works to undertake his project. His initial idea was to create an urbanization around a lagoon full of Amazonian victories. Due to technical problems, he ended up discarding the possibility of urbanization. But he maintained his dream to recreate a space conducive to the reproduction of the largest water lilies on the planet.

Las victorias amazónicas de La Rinconada

The year 2000 began to drill the center of the land to build the lagoon and install the irrigation system. And seventeen years after the beginning of the works the place is a restaurant and ecoparque where not only has recreated the Amazonian habitat of victories. The park has several natural areas, where you can wander through environments as diverse as a rainforest, a forest of ferns or a cactario.

Waterfalls with crystalline water, Japanese tents swimming in the lake, busts of green giants sculpted on organic matter, pools surrounded by vegetation … Tonchi has recreated a fantastic natural world arising from his creative imagination and his fondness for environmentalism. In addition, the place counts on several attractions, like tirolina or toboganes for adults. And in the restaurant, by the way, you eat spectacular.

In 2012, Tonchi Ribero received the greatest possible recognition of his project. Despite growing far from its natural habitat, one of the leaves of Amazonian victory of Rinconada reached 3.20 meters in diameter. With a total area of ​​7.55 square meters, it became in this way the largest recorded victory in the world. At the moment we can see in the park a recreation of the biggest leaf of the world, realized in fiber of real scale glass. All a recognition to a dream that this Bolivian has finally made reality.

With the passing of the days, we also fell in love with this peculiar plant. We fell in love with its habitat, its bright colors, its splendid leaves and, above all, its ephemeral flowers. Every morning they look with bright white petals bathed in the first light of day. As the hours pass, the petals color. And in the last hour of the day they take on a pink color. Some are already reaching the end of their short life. The next day they will appear withered, inert on the waters of the lake next to the new white flowers, immaculate, resplendent.

Throughout the week we were doing in La Rinconada a commercial video. During this time, we camped with our van housing in the parking of the restaurant. Every morning, the monkeys woke us up with their screams as they walked through the trees in our backyard.

After breakfast in the Saioneta while listening to the singing of a couple of exotic birds, cameras in hand, we walked in the park. There we meet with toucans, squirrels, turtles, herons and lizards, who have also found their place in this natural paradise designed and created by a visionary who once fell in love with the largest leaf in the world.

The commercial video of La Rinconada

Aquí os dejamos el vídeo comercial que hemos realizado para el Restaurante y ecoparque LaRinconada.  Un vídeo muy especial para un lugar que nos ha parecido espectacular. Esperamos que también a vosotros os guste.

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4 responses to “La Rinconada, the dream of a visionary”

  1. Furgoguay

    El video me parece fantástico y el lugar increíble. Buen viaje!

  2. Carlos Ramos

    Em declaro fan del viatge, els felicito furgoaddictes, considerarem la possibilitat d’anar a aquest bell luga, ¡¡¡Una forta abraçada!!!

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