Leave the tourist vehicle in Costa Rica and stop the time


Costa Rica is so beautiful and full of life that 90 days is not enough. At least, it happens to many of us. He does not give us the time!

When you enter Costa Rica with your car or van, the most common is that the immigration police grant you 90 days of stay for people, and the customs police, 90 days of stay for the vehicle.

The problem comes when you want to renew your stay. For people it is possible to renew 90 extra days both within the country, from any immigration office, as well as by leaving a border and, when we re-enter, they will renew us 90 days more.

But for vehicles it is not like that.

Renew the stay of a tourist vehicle in Costa Rica


If it is not for some extraordinary reason a vehicle in tourist condition can only remain in the national territory for 90 days, and then it will have to leave. To re-enter you must stay 3 months out to be eligible to enter again. So if we want to spend more time enjoying this beautiful country, one option that we have is to leave the tourist vehicle in Costa Rica and stop the time.

The rules can change at any time, so we encourage you first of all to check the official page of the Ministry of Finance of Costa Rica:

Leave the tourist vehicle in Costa Rica and stop the time


To begin the process, the first thing is to find an official deposit or fiscal warehouse where to leave the van or vehicle during the time that we need. There are several throughout the country. We were interested in being in the capital, San José, and if it could be, near the airport, which is where the customs office is located.

We also wanted it to be economical. After calling several, the one that most convinced us by price and seriousness, was the Neutral fiscal warehouse. They do not have a website, but they gave us all the information by phone.


$ 55 – from the first day until the 12th day.

4 extra dollars each additional day.

Location Warehouse Neutral of Costa Rica

Other fiscal warehouses in San José are:

Fiscal warehouse COCO – Tel -2432-4648 (we can not contact them)

Fiscal warehouse ECOTRANS – Tel-2265-6566 (50,000 Colones for the first 10 days, 5,000 Colones for each additional day.)

Procedure to leave the tourist vehicle in Costa Rica

Once we decided to leave our van in the Neutral fiscal warehouse, we presented ourselves to the enclosure and they made us park in the outdoor open space of which they have.

Once parked, we went with the papers that customs had given us at the entrance of the country and we delivered them in the neutral warehouse offices. There they registered the vehicle and sent the request to the finance ministry, which stopped the time van automatically.

With this paper, we went to the customs office in San José, which is located in the capital’s airport to formalize the situation of the van. This is the exact address:


There we gave the paper they gave us in Neutral fiscal warehouse and the papers of the van, and they made us a paper where it was shown that the time of stay of the vehicle is SUSPENDED and the time that we have left when we decide to resume the permit, that in our case were 11 days:

And that’s it. With this procedure that did not take us more than 2 hours, we were able to stop the time at the van and thus be able to enjoy a few more days in the country, but without our beloved Saioneta.

Then, to renew the permit is exactly the same process but the other way around. First you pass through the Santa María customs office at the airport, and the permit is reactivated, and with the paper you go straight to the warehouse, the invoice is paid and the vehicle is released.

Location of Almacén Fiscal Neutral

The good thing about this fiscal warehouse is that there is a bus that goes straight from the airport to the warehouse door. You just have to take the bus that goes to Heredia via San Joaquín. The store is just before San Joaquin.

We hope you find the information useful and you can enjoy this country that has so enamored us! Salud familia!

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